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Lecherous Flirtation. Dithering Resolves.

And forbidden temptations that yearn to be ravaged.

We've all been there.


Crossing paths with that hot girl in high heels next door. She flashes you a coy smile and brushes an imaginary strand of hair over her ear. You chuckle like a nerd and wave awkwardly in response. And you turn as she walks past you to admire her generous bottom sway side to side as she sashays away.

And all the while, your thinking...

What I'd give to have her all to myself...

To hold her tight in my powerful embrace.

To spread her thighs with the brush of my lips.

To penetrate her inhibitions with my throbbing conviction.

And to watch her quiver to my stroking delectation

Oh, the sweet fantasies that traverse my deviant mind. From the voluptuous brunette in the elevator, to the high-breasted maiden the laundromat... I explore them all in this book.

So, get yourself a copy now and let me douse you with my lewd delusions of lechery and debauched fairy tales.

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