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The Mirror

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' I really enjoyed this take on a classic horror trope: The haunted house/Poltergeist story'

Lyndie (Amazon Reviewer)

A search for solace. A vile thirst for revenge.

And a riveting struggle for Lily’s survival.

Jared Carson is gone, leaving a ravaged home behind for her wife Beth and baby daughter Lily.

With her guardian angel gone, Lily’s horrid fears fester. The unseen monsters beneath her bed grow malevolent and stronger.

It’s up to Beth to fill her husband’s shoes. She hugs Lily tight in her arms with teary eyes and makes a vow,

“You will never be alone, baby. Mommy will always be here to protect you.”


The forces of evil watch quietly in the shroud of darkness. They thirst for anguish. They thirst for blood. They thirst for REVENGE!

And Lily is their prime target.

Can Beth really keep her daughter safe?

Horror by Hash

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The Ocean Holds infinite beauties in its depths... but death always lurks close by.

The book cover of 'Signed in Blood', a horror novel by bestselling author, Hash Black

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