The book cover of 'Signed in Blood', a horror novel by bestselling author, Hash Black

Signed in Blood

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Let's do a spell for kicks... what could go wrong?

Billy's life turns upside down when his friend, Kevin, brings a spell book to their weekend retreat on a rental yacht.

Spells, witches, demons... it's all just folklore, right?

So, Billy wants nothing to do with that nonsense.

But when strange dreams start haunting Billy's friends, he quickly realizes that the spells in Kevin's book are no harmless nursery rhymes.

Billy's friends accidentally signed a deal with the devil. And they have exactly three sunrises to provide three souls in their place, lest their own souls are taken instead. And to add insult to injury, failure to deliver within these three days results in other lives around them being taken as well.

Bodies start piling in their wake, and the police suspect foul play on Billy and Kevin's parts.

Billy is forced to help his friends redeem their souls before its too late. The stakes are way too high, and the odds are heavily stacked against them.

Will they succeed?

Or will the devil have his due?

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