Signed in Blood

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The Devil Will Have His Due!

Taylor yearns to unshackle himself from the confines of poverty. His wife and soon-be-born baby depend on it.


His ambitions of becoming a bestselling author are his best shot.


But the rejection letters keep piling up, and he is quickly losing faith in his talent and skill. He would give anything to kindle the embers would see him becoming a bestselling author.


Even selling his soul to the devil.

It's all uphill from here... until his credit starts to run dry.


Suddenly, hell's gatekeeper is calling his name, and the devil is gunning for his soul.

The clock is ticking against Taylor, and the price of his salvation is much too high.

Will Taylor live to see another day?


Or will he scream in terror as he claws at dirt while the devil claims his due?

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