5 Best Romance Novels Set in a Warring Sci Fi World

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It's Romance Friday here at Empire Fiction, and we did Amazon book reviews of the best romance novels on Amazon. These sci fi war books have just the right amount of a romantic touch to keep you hooked for days. And in line with the current global pandemic raging its way around, these are great books to read as you try to beat the boredom from all the corona virus lock downs and quarantines. So, if you were looking for what you can do, during these trying times, how about grabbing one of these books? Not only do they have high rankings on Amazon Books and Kindle, but they have also been regarded highly by readers. So, feel free to click or tap the book titles or covers so you can buy them straight from Amazon.

Without further ado, let the count down begin!

5. War of the Gods: The Reverse Harem Series

By Meg Xuemei X

Cassandra Saelihn is the descendant of the god of death. The mere mentioning of her name could spell your very last breath. She is a monster. An abomination. She is death. Her own mother keeps her locked up for the sake of Earth's safety. For Cass, she has accepted the fate of living as a captive under her own roof, doomed to an eternal quarantine from the rest of humanity. Or at least that's what she thought...

When the Olympian gods strike at the Earth with the might to destroy our very existence, it becomes clear that only Cass can put an end to their rampage. Four warlords find her - twin fae princes, a vampire lord, and a demigod. Only they understand the weapon that is Cassandra. Only they can forge her to become the formidable warrior they know she can be. But they never foresee Cass's own wayward mind and, not to mention the burning desire they each have for her.

4. Red Queen

By Victoria Aveyard

Mare Barrows grew up in a world split by blood. The Red-bloods are born to serve the elite Silver-Bloods, who are born with superhuman abilities. Mare lives among the poor, scraping the bottom of the barrel as a thief, in a bid to acquire her next meal. But her life takes a tumble for the worse when she gets caught and is thrown in front of a Silver Court. However, the Silver-Blood nobles, herself included, soon discover her unique abilities.

A Red-Blood with powers is unfathomable to the elites. And a spread in its news could spell their very doom. So, they claim Mare to be a lost relative and betroth her to a Silver prince. As Mare grows more enchanted with her newfound love, she still harbors the resentment she once had, living as a mere peasant. So, she uses her position to aid the Scarlet Guard - the manifesting Red Blood resistance. But her heart is torn between two worlds. A war is brewing, and Mare must pick a side fast.