Top 5 Stephen King Horror Bestseller Books of all Time

A cover image of a Stephen King best seller amazon book review from Empire Fiction. It depicts a scary image of girl in a deserted building.

Stephen King is the undisputed master of horror books and a recipient of countless author awards. This legendary writer needs no introduction. If you don’t know him by his award-winning Amazon bestsellers, then you probably know some of the movies directed from his many books. Till today, It is still one of the most notable motion pictures inspired by King since its release. Clowns have never been seen the same since!

So, with great respect to the legend, we present to you five great King books to read of all time!

5. Doctor Sleep: The Shining Book 2

At number 5 is the sequel to The Shining. In the first release, Danny Torrance, a young boy with paranormal powers, A Shining, is seeing strange things at the Overlook Hotel, where his father works. He and his father endure a scarring year there at the hands of the True Knots. A group of quasi-immortals that survive on the torture of the Shining.

Decades later, Danny is all grown up. He works at a nursing home, where he uses what remains of his power to soothe dying souls. But memories of his past are rekindled when he comes across Abra Stone. A young, shining girl, fighting for her life after falling prey to the True Knots. She is the brightest shining he has ever seen. And now, Danny must fight for her soul… And her survival!

4. The Outsider

An atrocious crime leaves a murdered boy gruesomely splayed on a blood-pooled floor. Detective Anderson is enlisted to run point in the case. After long hours at the horrendous crime scene, air-tight evidence is presented by the forensics lab. All the evidence points to one man. There’s no two ways about it.

However, on closer inspection, the suspect provides an iron-clad alibi. He couldn’t have possibly committed the murder. Especially if he was in another town. A daunting question lingers in Detective Anderson’s mind, “How can one person be at two places at the same time?” And he’d be damned if he didn’t find out!

3. The Institute

Deep in the dense canopy cover of the woods in Maine, a ghost government facility lies hidden. Mrs. Sigsby and her crew of deranged scientists are running tests on abducted kids from all over the state. Special kids with unique abilities. From seers to telepaths… The governments want to come up with the perfect weapon.

Luke Ellis, a super-smart boy, and Avery Dixon, a mind reader, are the latest recruits. After a while staying in the facility, it becomes clear that there is no getting out of that facility. And when they forge an alliance for their freedom, they become a force of reckoning for even the smartest scientist there. Miles away, a former cop, Tim Jamieson, has no idea he’s about to stumble upon the case of his career!

2. The Stand