Top 5 Must-Have Sci Fi Best Seller Books on Amazon Kindle

Amazon Best Seller Sci Fi Books

It’s Friday and if you’re a sci-fi fanatic like myself, then you’re probably looking for your next sci fi best seller book for the weekend. Well, look no further because we did you the favor of cherry-picking the best five good books to read based on Amazon Best Seller Rankings and reader reviews. So, whether you’re on a prime reading plan, kindle unlimited plan or even no plan at all, stick around because this list is super juicy.

1. Winter World: The Long Winter Trilogy 1

By AG Riddle

AG Riddle takes us through a journey into the future when a strange ice-age takes a frozen grip on the reality of all nations around the world. It is a time when an uninhabitable cold and blistering cold storms surge throughout the United States, Europe and even the once warmest tropical countries in Asia. The world has plummeted into chaos as countries prepare for war over the last few habitable patches in the globe.

Scientists struggle to unravel the cause behind this strange global phenomenon. When they discover an artifact floating to the sun, they decide it could be the last hope for mankind. A team sets out to make contact for the artifact. But what they find there is beyond their wildest expectations and it could change the future for mankind indefinitely.

2. The Handmaid’s Tale

By Margaret Atwood

a number one New York bestseller, and now a famous Hulu series, comes the tale of a dystopian future littered with social unrest, environmental adversities, and declining birthrates. A Second American Civil war erupts, leading to rule under a Republic Gilead regime, a cruel totalitarian governance system that places strict social roles on individuals, including the enslavement of the few fertile women that still remain for breeding.

Offred is an unfortunate victim of such enslavement. She becomes a handmaid for one of the Gilead commanders, forced to produce children for him. In an instant, she is torn from her family. Her beloved husband. Her loving daughter. She is forced into a life of slavery and deprived of the freedom she once enjoyed so freely. Her very existence now hinges upon her ability to bear children for the commander.

3. The Rise of Magicks