Top 5 Quarantine Worthy Apocalyptic Romance Books

Whether it’s romance in Kindle Unlimited or romance in prime reading, these apocalyptic romance books are bound to blow your socks off. In the spirit of Romance Friday, we went ahead and looked up some good books to on Kindle, right on the apocalyptic romance books shelf. The bestseller romance books there are nothing short of sizzling hot. So, how about we put an end to my endless ranting so we can get right into the good stuff.

5. The Pairings

By Ramona Finn

Filling in at number five is one for the Hunger Games lovers. A deadly virus wiped out most of humanity a couple of generations ago. Few survived, and a hand full of those that did were immune to the effects of the virus. That's when the AmeriGlobe came up with the brilliant idea of pairing the immune with the rest of the survivors. And just like that, humanity was saved and AmeriGlobe took the reigns of power.

Lora Flannigan has lived her entire life conforming to these laws and just as she turned eighteen, she was tested and betrothed to pair with Jarid. He is a high-caste that would raise her family from their lowly caste status. But what Lora never expects are the burning feelings she developed for Jarid's brother, Syeth. He was the solitary kind, ever-brooding and the secrets he harbored could send their entire empire crumbling to the ground. By the Lora finds out, it's all going to be far too late.

4. Marked: Sins of Our Ancestors (Book 1)

By Bridget E Baker

Ruby Behl grew up at Port Gibson, a safe haven for the Tercera virus, which has nearly wiped out all of humanity from existence. These are times when even the most innocent of touches is forbidden, a measure put in place to contain the spread of this deadly pandemic. The 'Mark', a rash on the forehead, is the earliest sign that one has it, and quarantines are exacted immediately.

Ruby has been eying Wesley Fairchild for years now. As she turns seventeen, she's about to have her dream come true. She's about to have her very first kiss with the boy of his dreams. But her dreams turn sour right after the kiss... Right at the moment when she notices the Mark on Wesley's forehead. As she's confined in quarantine, she is hit with a shocking revelation. Apparently, it was her father who engineered the virus, and with it, the antidote. Now, it's up to Ruby and her beloved, Wesley, to find the cure. Before it's too late for both of them.

3. Praying for Rain

By BB Easton

An apocalypse is coming, and only three days are left to prepare for it. Franklin Springs, Georgia, is now desolate, without a single living soul in sight. Everything has been abandoned. Roads and businesses that once burst with life are now nothing more than an empty shell with deserted vehicles and fluttering papers on the sidewalks. The end is near. Everyone knows it and everyone has left for safer havens.

However, destiny has something beautiful in store for two lost souls: Rainbow Williams and Wes Parkers. Rainbow, Rain, has nothing left to live for. Leading a life plagued with anguish and misery, she welcomes death with open arms. But Wes... Wes is a survivor. A go-getter who has always gotten around all the curve-balls life has had to throw at him. And he knows this apocalypse would be no different. Sparks fly bright when these two worlds collide. All in the midst of chaos as the world around them burns to ashes. Maybe together, they just might learn how to live...

2. Pestilence: The Four Horsemen (Book 1)

By Laura Thalassa

If you're the type to get biblical, this will be a sweet treat for you. The four horsemen of the apocalypse have been set free to ride the face of the earth. And when Pestilence sets foot in Sara Burn's town, it's certain that death has come knocking in everyone's doorstep. Sara takes it upon herself to stop the angelic abomination when she shoots him off his unholy steed. But no one ever told her that Pestilence cannot be killed.

Enraged by Sara's provocation, the horseman takes her prisoner, eager to unleash pure suffering at her to her dying breath. But the flames of desire build in their hours of secluded isolation. Sara begins to notice his affection towards her, just as her fervor for him begins to burn within her. One thing is for sure, though - Sara is now the key to the world's salvation. But is she willing to give her heart for such a righteous cause?

1. Die For You: The Catastrophe Series

By Michele Mills

It's been two months since a fatal virus erased most of human existence. And in the grueling heat of California, danger lurks in the shadows of every dark crevice. From feral beasts hounding for their next meal to gangs and ex-cons battling for the next open turf. Without law and order, it's a warzone out there. It's a time where only the strong survive. And the weak fall prey to the strongest of predators.

As far as Rachel knows, she's the only survivor in California. Or so she thought... That is until she meets Adam Sanchez. A hardcore Marine sniper in his prime. From the day he first lays eyes on Rachel, all Adam could think about is how hot nice it would be to ravage her enchanting frame at the back of his hummer. But her fragile demeanor prevents him from exploring his raw fantasies. Instead, he must protect this fragile damsel. But soon, Rachel makes amends with her situation. Soon enough for her to bloom into a raging demon with everything to live for. And Adam likes that.

Well, there you have them, 5 best seller post apocalyptic romance books. Whether you prefer romance in Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading, these 5 book boyfriends are sure to have to you hooked for days. If you enjoyed the list, hit that heart button down below. Also, let us know what book you're reading right now. Personally, I'm thinking of getting Die for You myself right at this moment. A new enthralling series starts next week, so don't miss it!


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