Top 5 Quarantine Worthy Apocalyptic Romance Books

Amazon Apocalyptic Romance Best Seller Books

Whether it’s romance in Kindle Unlimited or romance in prime reading, these apocalyptic romance books are bound to blow your socks off. In the spirit of Romance Friday, we went ahead and looked up some good books to on Kindle, right on the apocalyptic romance books shelf. The bestseller romance books there are nothing short of sizzling hot. So, how about we put an end to my endless ranting so we can get right into the good stuff.

5. The Pairings

By Ramona Finn

Filling in at number five is one for the Hunger Games lovers. A deadly virus wiped out most of humanity a couple of generations ago. Few survived, and a hand full of those that did were immune to the effects of the virus. That's when the AmeriGlobe came up with the brilliant idea of pairing the immune with the rest of the survivors. And just like that, humanity was saved and AmeriGlobe took the reigns of power.

Lora Flannigan has lived her entire life conforming to these laws and just as she turned eighteen, she was tested and betrothed to pair with Jarid. He is a high-caste that would raise her family from their lowly caste status. But what Lora never expects are the burning feelings she developed for Jarid's brother, Syeth. He was the solitary kind, ever-brooding and the secrets he harbored could send their entire empire crumbling to the ground. By the Lora finds out, it's all going to be far too late.

4. Marked: Sins of Our Ancestors (Book 1)

By Bridget E Baker

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