Top 5 Must-Have Horror Best Seller Books on Amazon Kindle

Whether you’re into horror novels in prime reading or kindle unlimited, these here are best selling works in this genre that are making a huge fuss on Amazon. So if you want to know what everyone else has been crazy about over the past few months, stick around and read these five huge horror best seller snippets. And if you want to sneak a peek at Amazon, just click the book covers and we’ll take you straight there. As usual, we went through the best seller rankings of books in this genre and came up with a ‘chilling’ list for you to enjoy.

Enough jibber-jabber for now. Let’s jump straight into it!

1. The Haunting of Ashburn House

By Darcy Coates

Haunted house fanatics, this one is for you. The Ashburn house stands solitary in its town with chilling rumors about its ancestry. The owner, Edith, barely ever leaves the house and never allows anyone else inside. After his death, the inheritance of the house falls onto Adrienne, a young girl struggling to make ends meet. Being in her position, she never thinks twice about taking up the Ashburn house for herself. But strange things begin to happen in the house as she discovers more about the house’s gut-wrenching history. She soon realizes the presence of something sinister in the house. Something unnatural. Something deeply aggravated. She realizes that she is its new prey.

This book is available as a Kindle ebook and audiobook.

2. Intercepts

By T. J. Payne

If blood and gore are what it takes to get your freight nerves firing, then this horror best seller should fit your bill. Joe works for the government in a covert project where the powers from above have thrown out the rule book to discover the strengths of the brilliant human mind. They’re pushing boundaries by performing blood-curdling experiments on human subjects, imperiling them to extreme experiments, depriving them of their olfactory senses. Imagine commanding your arm to move, but not knowing whether it did... Digging your fingers into your face without even the slightest sting. The subjects soon become delusional and rabidly violent. And one follows Joe home one day…

Like our first pick in this blog, this novel is also available as an ebook and audiobook.

3. Abandon

By Blake Crouch

If you’ve never tried reading a haunted town book, then this would make for a nice start. The story takes us back to 1893 when people disappear mysteriously in a town, leaving all their possessions behind to freeze in the bitter cold. 116 years later, a curious history professor and his journalist daughter take on an expedition to the mysterious town, eager to discover what happened. The come across news of another crew that went there earlier, never to be seen again. But they brush those stories off, blinded by their goals. But soon, secluded from all civilization and stranded in the bitter cold, they quickly come to learn that they are not alone…

You can get this work of art as a Kindle ebook, audiobook or hardcover.

4. Gilchrist

By Christian Galacar

From Writer’s Digest’s winner of Best Mystery-Thriller Award comes another haunted town standalone novel. Peter and his wife Sylvia are devastated after losing their infant son in an unfortunate accident. Grief grips them even tighter when they discover that they can no longer have children. A series of strange dreams compel the anguished couple to move to a Gilchrist, Massachusetts, where their life takes a dive for the worse. A series of vicious deaths occur around them as nature’s very own abomination, a gruesome creature, lurks in the shadows. As the chaos crescendos around Peter and Sylvia, they discover that it was never their will to move to Gilchrist in the first place.

This novel is available as a Kindle ebook and audiobook.

5. Suicide Forest

By Jeremy Bates

Jeremy Bates needs no introduction. He has been dubbed best selling author by USA Today and Amazon and was a Goodreads Choice Awards finalist for the horror genre. The story is set in Japan’s famous Suicide Forest, where legends of the depraved souls linger in the woods, haunting its darkest crevices every night. When the plan of a group of friends to go mountain climbing at Fiji is derailed by bad weather, they decide it would be fun to camp out in the legendary forest overnight. But the reality of the folklores over the forest drastically manifests into reality before their very eyes as the unforgiving souls prey upon their lives.

This book is available as a Kindle ebook, audiobook, and paperback.

Well, there it is, our official list of horror best sellers! We do hope you enjoyed our list. Let us know what you think in the comment section below and if you think there are more noteworthy books that should have made it to this list, we’d be happy to hear about those as well. And if there are other lists you’d want us to cover, mention it down there as well. Catch you around soon on the next blog!


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