Top 5 Erotic Romance Novels That Just Might Set your Desires Ablaze

It’s the end of a long and unwinding day at work. You’re exhausted. All you want to do is kick the shoes off, drop those clothes to the floor and submerge your body in a nice, warm bath. But if you’re a workaholic like myself, you probably find your mind wandering back to work. Instead of enjoying this sweet moment of divine bliss, you’re thinking to-do list, pending tasks and unanswered emails.

If this is you, then I have just the thing for you. Grab yourself that reading tablet and immerse yourself in an erotic romance series. Here are some popular panty-dampening novel chronicles from bestseller authors that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Cross Breed: A Novel of The Breeds (Book 32)

By Lora Leigh

If action-packed sci-fi turns your wheels, then this work of art is for you. Immerse yourself into a chaotic, warring world of fantasy. These are times when scientific magnificence, at its very peak, has secretly combined special DNA to create the perfect soldier. These subjects are endowed with traits from the most atrocious of mankind and the most ferocious of the animal kingdom. They are being caged in captivity. Tested. Dissected. Dismembered. Tortured. But word finally comes out. And while some see them as victims deserving of justice, others see them as an abomination worthy of no more than complete annihilation. Impure Breeds threatening the integrity of the pure and long preserved human genome. The Breeds must fight for their preservation.

Among the Breeds, Cassandra Sinclair stands apart from all others. Her creators blessed her with both wolf and coyote abilities, making her special among her kind. Though envied and preyed upon by others, her community places her under fierce protection. However, her sister is in vile danger. And to protect her, she must escape her community and give her body to a stranger. An animal of a man that arouses her inner carnal desires and unleashes a side of her that she has never experienced before.

Big Rock (Book 1)

By Lauren Blakely

This here is one of those 'bad boys gone good' kind of chronicles. Meet Spencer. A rich, cocky, playboy who owns a bar and one hell of a 'package'. He's young, charming, handsome and can be quite the gentleman with the ladies. His reputation precedes him as one of New York's sexiest play boys. And he takes full advantage of the benefits. His rules are simple: be a gentleman, put the lady first, show her an amazing time and never get attached.

However, his illicit shenanigans take a nose dive when his father asks a favor. He asks him to play the responsible son so he could close down a big deal. So, Spencer asks Charlotte, his business partner, to parade as his fiance for while. Charlotte agrees, but the charades slowly traverse beyond the public eye to closed doors and anywhere else they could rip each other's clothes off. The problem is, Spencer is slowly being drawn into breaking one of his biblical rules. Will he get attached?

Beautiful Bastard: The Beautiful Series (Book 1)

By Christina Lauren

This is a spicy one. This is drama and sexual frustration at its sexiest. Chloe Mills, a sharp intern working for a major mass media organization is looking to make her name just before she crushes her MBA. All is right and bright in her life except for one thing. Her boss, Bennett Ryan. She can’t stand him. He’s so vindictive. So arrogant. So self-centered. So drop-deal gorgeous!

Bennett has just taken the reins in his family business. He is ready to steer this ship to deeper seas. He is focused. He is all about business. However, he is never prepared for the kind of assistant in store for him at the office. Chloe is an angel gift-wrapped in the body of a supermodel. She makes his gears turn. She makes his pants tighten. She is so damn sexy. But he just can’t stand her!

Master of the Mountain (Book 1)

By Cherise Sinclair

Dominatrix lovers, this one is for you. Rebecca and her lover are trying to spice things up between them. So they indulge in a swingers' club up at a mountain lodge. However, Rebecca quickly discovers that swinging isn't her cup of tea. So as her boyfriend goes hard next door, she waits outside in the blistering cold.

Logan comes across her at the porch and invites to his room. Rebecca's body springs to life at the very sight of him. She tries to hide it, plagued by her own insecurities. But Logan skillfully breaks down her every inhibition. He quickly shows here that while she may not be a swinger, she's definitely a submissive. He intimately peels her layers away and savagely fucks her brains into a frenzy. But come morning, he'd have to let her go. His secrets were far too dangerous to get attached. But could he?

Monster in His Eyes

By J. M. Darhower

If a romantic thriller is what turns your wheels, then this book is the one for you. Karissa is a hopeless romantic and Ignazio Vitale swoops in to sweeps her off her feet. His husky voice. His musky aura. That charming glint in his eyes. They make butterflies flutter in her stomach. They lure her deep into his magical enchantment. But that is all but one side of the twisted coin that is Ignazio Vitale. He has secrets. He has sadistic secrets. The kind of secrets that once you know, you can never run away from.

Her love for him decomposes into hate. She tries to get away from him. But he finds her. The cold look he gives her makes her bones shudder. It shakes her to her very core. But that cold look also thrills her. It arouses her. Just enough to harden her nipples. Just enough to dampen her delicates. She wants him. She fears him. She loves him. She despises him. And she loathes herself for it.

And the Bonus...

Beautiful Stranger: The Beautiful Series (Book 2)

By Christina Lauren

Sara Dillon has just escaped the clutches of her promiscuous ex and has moved to New York City. She yearns for the taste of fun and excitement in her life again. She yearns to reignite that sensual passion that once glowed inside her broken heart. She yearns for an intimate connection. So, she sets out in search of it in the glamorously lit nightlife of this majestic city. And she finds it. She finds him. Max Stella. The renowned city playboy with a charming British accent. He breaks down her walls and penetrates deep into her darkest desires.

Despite Max’s prominent reputation, she allows herself to get entangled in his web of lust and romance. What should have been a one-night fling morphs into multiple discrete encounters. And discretion slowly morphs into public escapades. On one hand, Max finds himself thinking about taking this fling beyond the naked adventures. On the other hand, Sara dreads the dawning reality that she could be reliving her past.

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