Top 5 Intergalactic Sci Fi War Best Seller Books That Will Keep You Hooked For Days

amazon best seller sci fi war books

Empire Fiction is back this Wednesday with Amazon book reviews on five sci fi war books. Today, we're taking a cruise outside our daunting global reality. A reality devastated by the corona virus that has us shaken to the core. It's a break we all deserve during these hard days. So, we went ahead and looked up Amazon's best sellers sci-fi war books in a futuristic fantasy world of interstellar transport and intergalactic conquest. If you were looking for a great sci-fi book to read on Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reads, these should do a lot more than just float your boat.

5. Ether War: Conflict Zone (Book 6)

John Walker

Placing in at number five in this week's list, we have Ether War's sixth and latest installment. The story takes us to a science fiction world, where mankind has discovered Ether. A great power source that has made interstellar transport possible at speeds faster than that of light. However, Man soon has his first brush with alien shoulders. Unfortunately, they also discover their poor hospitality when their ether center is blown up by the same malicious aliens. In an effort to de-escalate impending war, the Morrigan ship, carrying its inexperienced crew under Captain Markel's leadership, is sent forth to investigate. But things quickly turn awry.

For the latest installment of this series, The Morrigan has forged ties with the Golden Empire against an old enemy: the Ervas. However, the ties are loose at best, and Captain Markel must decide quickly who they can trust, and who could be their one-way ticket to the interstellar abyss.

4. Caliban's War: The Expanse (Book 2)

James SA Corey

At number four, we have the Caliban's War series. The story revolves around a raging conflict between Earth and Mars. And, after years of indiscriminate slaughter, there is finally a truce. Peace now beacons in the solar system. However, back when the war was progressing, the core alliance was shattered to bits. And now, citizens worry over how temporary the current autonomy will last.

Right in the midst of all the confusion, a super-soldier attack on one of Jupiter's moons proves to be a massacre, leaving battalions from both Mars and Earth decimated. Where did the super-soldier come from? Is this an external, alien threat? Or is the threat closer home? Mistrust brews in already inflamed diplomatic ties, while guns are secretly raised in preparation for the skirmishes that may lie ahead.