Top 5 Quarantine Worthy Post Apocalyptic Sci Fi Horror Books

We're back again with another Post apocalyptic blog, and this time, we're delving into post apocalyptic sci fi - horror books. If you missed the sci fi - action post to this series, you can catch up on that here.

So, we went ahead and took a peek into good books to read on Amazon and found you 5 eerie sci fi - horror reads that you could enjoy on kindle unlimited or prime reading. So, as you quarantine yourself in the boredom of your home, make sure you check these novels out to add some spice to your life. Without further ado, let's get into our countdown to the best selling post-apocalyptic horror books you could get your hands on this week.

5. Immortal’s Requiem: An Epic Grimdark Fantasy

By Vincent Bobbe

Popping up at number five is a fantasy horror contextualized to modern England. We all thought that elves, dwarves, and other mythical creatures were the stuff of urban myths and folklore. However, all doubts are put to rest when these powerful, immortal creatures crawl out from their dark crevices to wage a war against each other. A war that could see civilization tumble back to the stone age. Mankind is caught in the daunting crossfire as the indomitable supernatural powers duke it out in a game of life and death. If notions of a sozzled elf with a chainsaw get your juices flowing, then this is one book you don’t want to miss out on.

4. Class of 1989: A Post Viral Apocalyptic Story

By Jack Hunt

Trailing in at number four is a 30-year reunion gone south. Very far south. Now in their forties, a class of 1989 decide to catch up at the yearly Burning Man Festival. But just as the night begins to ‘light up’, pandemonium breaks loose when they find themselves at the very heart of a viral outbreak. Infected zombies take to the streets, ravaging through the flesh of any life that comes in their way. Suddenly, the night is no longer about who has the flashiest car or the fanciest job. Old frenemies are now forced to forge ties if they are to live long enough to see the sunrise again.

3. Love & Zombies

By Eric Shapiro

Coming in at number three is a post-apocalyptic zombie story, bursting with horror scenes with just the right amount humor to keep you entertained. In this story, the government has acted swiftly and was able to obliterate the problem before it could spread. But Henry, an upcoming filmmaker from Los Angeles, begins to doubt this ‘reality’ when his friend Sam invites him to a quick payday. A payday that involves filming real-life zombies out in the Nevada desert. Against his better judgment, Henry obliges. Little did he know that he’d soon find himself battling for his life amidst the putrid, gnashing teeth of and bloody claws of the deprived undead as he struggles to get back to his beloved girlfriend, Teresa.

2. Vampire Lord: Conquering a Bloodthirsty Earth

By Logan Jacobs

Trending in at number two is a vampire apocalypse on a global scale. This sci-fi work of art foretells the mutation of the AIDS virus to something more contagious… Something more life-transforming… Something more sinister. The virus has now gone airborne, infecting 90% of the world’s population. And those unfortunate enough to contract it end up cursed with an insatiable blood thirst. A blood thirst for the uninfected few. They must be destroyed, but that would mean decimating life on earth as we know it. And the protagonist of this story is one of the infected...

1. The Stand

By Stephen King

Filling in at first place in this week’s horror sci-fi collection is our very own, Stephen King with The Stand. This is a gripping remake of the 1978 release, with a new ending and eerily vivid additions that breathe new life into this old story. It all starts when the government makes a fatal error which results in the release of the deadliest biological weapon ever seen by mankind. A virus that wipes out 99% of humanity on earth. The remaining survivors have to make a choice. Either they ride along the jagged edges of good under the old, loving and affectionate 108-year-old, Mother Abigail, or they embark upon the fiery bowels of evil under the lethal smile of Randall Flagg.

Now, some controversy has arisen over the similarity of the scenario in this book with the current Corona virus Pandemic incident. However, King has come out on Twitter to calm the public, reassuring that the Corona Pandemic is nowhere near as serious as the viral infection depicted in his book. Read more about that here.

So, what do you think of our post on apocalyptic sci fi-horror reads? If you liked the list, show some love and smash that heart icon down below. If you would prefer to have had other cringy reads up in there, let us know in the comment section below. Be sure to look into our next blog on ‘Romance-Friday’, when we will cover post apocalyptic romance reads. See you then!


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