Top 5 Post Apocalyptic SciFi-Action Reads to Get You Through Quarantine

Amazon Post Apocalyptic SciFi-Action Best Seller Books

I hope you guys are taking all the necessary precautions as Corona Virus runs loose out there. And as we quarantine ourselves to wait out the pandemic storm that is raging outside, you have to find something to pass your time with. Yes, we must exercise as much as we can, but then most of us become couch potatoes for the rest of the day. So, if you plan on taking this route, at least get yourself a good book to read to sharpen those senses. And for the bookish action lovers out there, a good old action-Scifi on Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading should be more than enough to keep you entertained all day.

So, in honor of action Mondays here at Empire Fiction, here’s the best trending 5 post-apocalyptic sci fi-action reads that should get your juices flowing.

1. Occupied Earth: Ascension Wars (Book 2)

By Jasper T Scott

Currently trending as a #1 New Release in Amazon’s Galactic Empire Science Fiction category, the story starts as a promising space exploration story. Earth governments send the Forerunners out to space in hopes of finding other intelligent life among the intergalactic stars. However, the explorers end up biting more than they can chew when they encounter a race of intelligent, avian carnivores called Kyra. They manage to flee, but the Kyra beet them back to Earth… by almost a century. By then, Earth has already been bent the Kyra will and man has been brainwashed and enslaved by the intergalactic warlords that are the Kyra. Now, the forerunners are the only remaining hope for Earth’s salvation. But are a few space explorers enough to overpower an Entire fleet of intergalactic warships?

2. Cabal: Beginning of Sorrows (Book 1)

By Mark Goodwin

This book is now trending as a #1 Amazon Best Seller under Amazon's Christian Prophecy category. The author takes us to a dystopian world, where a group of powerful people has hatched a plan to establish a Global Order. They plot to unleash global unrest by inciting widespread chaos like never seen before in history. And just when the world is at its knees, the Global Order would swoop in to restore order and peace in the world. So, that’s when Agent Joshua Stone is called into an elite meeting and is tasked to gather intelligence from anti-nationalist groups by going undercover. However, the nasty truths he uncovers about his employer plague him with doubts. It’s clear that he is fighting for the wrong team. But is switching sides worth the safety of his family?

3. Without Law (Book 10)