Top 5 Post Apocalyptic SciFi-Action Reads to Get You Through Quarantine

I hope you guys are taking all the necessary precautions as Corona Virus runs loose out there. And as we quarantine ourselves to wait out the pandemic storm that is raging outside, you have to find something to pass your time with. Yes, we must exercise as much as we can, but then most of us become couch potatoes for the rest of the day. So, if you plan on taking this route, at least get yourself a good book to read to sharpen those senses. And for the bookish action lovers out there, a good old action-Scifi on Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading should be more than enough to keep you entertained all day.

So, in honor of action Mondays here at Empire Fiction, here’s the best trending 5 post-apocalyptic sci fi-action reads that should get your juices flowing.

1. Occupied Earth: Ascension Wars (Book 2)

By Jasper T Scott

Currently trending as a #1 New Release in Amazon’s Galactic Empire Science Fiction category, the story starts as a promising space exploration story. Earth governments send the Forerunners out to space in hopes of finding other intelligent life among the intergalactic stars. However, the explorers end up biting more than they can chew when they encounter a race of intelligent, avian carnivores called Kyra. They manage to flee, but the Kyra beet them back to Earth… by almost a century. By then, Earth has already been bent the Kyra will and man has been brainwashed and enslaved by the intergalactic warlords that are the Kyra. Now, the forerunners are the only remaining hope for Earth’s salvation. But are a few space explorers enough to overpower an Entire fleet of intergalactic warships?

2. Cabal: Beginning of Sorrows (Book 1)

By Mark Goodwin

This book is now trending as a #1 Amazon Best Seller under Amazon's Christian Prophecy category. The author takes us to a dystopian world, where a group of powerful people has hatched a plan to establish a Global Order. They plot to unleash global unrest by inciting widespread chaos like never seen before in history. And just when the world is at its knees, the Global Order would swoop in to restore order and peace in the world. So, that’s when Agent Joshua Stone is called into an elite meeting and is tasked to gather intelligence from anti-nationalist groups by going undercover. However, the nasty truths he uncovers about his employer plague him with doubts. It’s clear that he is fighting for the wrong team. But is switching sides worth the safety of his family?

3. Without Law (Book 10)

By Eric Vall

While, indeed, this book is trending with high bestseller ranking on Amazon Kindle, I have to make a quick disclaimer: If detailed, sexual scenes are not for you, then I suggest you just skip to the next book. To compensate, I have added a bonus book just for you!

This is an action-packed story revolving around a post-apocalyptic time when the world is in ruin and civilization has come to a halt. These are times of survival for the fittest. They are times when the strong take from the weak and the helpless are left to rot in the wilderness. In the first installment of this series, Former Army Ranger Connor McTavish, Tav, finds himself between a rock and a hard place when he is forced to protect a group of damsels from the harsh realities of life in a bleak world. He must train the ladies to become fierce warriors, ready to hold their fort to ensure their survival. In the latest installment, Tav and his female crew establish new allies, but now, they must help them fend off dangers of their own. Resources are dwindling and maintaining control over the last remaining oil and gas reserves is a matter of life and death.

4. Pandemic: The Beginning (Book 1)

By Christine Kersey

The story behind this novel feels quite familiar as we quarantine ourselves, waiting for the Corona Virus pandemic to die out. It all starts when a deadly flu creeps through the globe, wiping out most of humanity, with the survivors being left behind in a lawless society. But the Bronson family is prepared. They muscle through the long wait and live to see the sunrise once more. However, when a group of local tyrants band together to cause terror and demand food from the remaining survivors, the Bronsons refuse to give their allegiance. Soon, the demented group establishes their rule over the neighborhood and the Bronsons are left with a tough decision to make. Should they give in and violate their deepest values? Or should they maintain their stance and risk their very survival?

5. After The Virus

By Simon Archer

When a lethal virus hits and leaves the world in ruin, with no one else to run it, it’s up to Henry to get things up and running again. Henry is an engineer. And in these post-apocalyptic times, he’s the only one left with his kind of skills. After living a timid life behind the scenes, serving his government, Henry must find it inside himself to rise to the occasion and lead his crew back to law and order. All the while, chaos escalates around him as a decrepit world erupts with violence and untold dangers. Henry finds that he must sharpen his wit to capitalize on the plethora of skills from his motley crew to navigate through the menacing perils that stand in their way on their journey back to civilization.

And the Bonus…

6. As Our World Ends

By Jack Hunt

This book is currently a #1 New Release under Amazon’s United States Drama & Plays category and is the first installment of the Cyber Apocalypse Series. It follows the struggles of Alex Reid, a US Coast Guard, who traverses a collapsed United States with his wife in search of their lost daughter. Right on the day when his wife arrives to serve him with divorce papers, pandemonium erupts all over the country. With explosions everywhere, and internet and communications coming to a halt, the nation falls into oblivion as criminals and vandals take to the streets to claim their bounties. Alex and his must put their differences aside if they are t0 navigate through the now deadly streets to find their beloved daughter.

So, what do you think of our top 5 (or 6) post apocalyptic action-sci fi book list? Did you enjoy it? Let us know if you’re thinking of grabbing one of these bad boys yourself. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you’re reading, and what book you really believe should have made it to this list. We’re bookish geeks here at Empire Fiction, so rest assured we’ll have a look at your suggestions. We’re always looking for the next good book to read on Amazon Unlimited and Prime Reading!


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