Top 5 Nora Roberts Bestseller Romance Series Books of all Time

A cover image for an Amazon Book Review blog for Nora Robert's best selling book series. The picture depicts a newly wed couple making a heart sign with their hands over the brides beautiful wedding dress.

For the romance lovers out there, Nora Roberts needs no introduction. She is the first author to ever be inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame and has written over 200 novels, a lot of which were bestsellers on Amazon at one point or another. She’s also published under different pen names over the years, including Jill March and Sarah Hardesty. Any seasoned romance reader would tell you that this seasoned wordsmith writes some of the greatest romance books to read out there!

So, hats off to Nora Roberts from Empire Fiction, and in her distinguished honor, here’s a quick Amazon book review of five of her bestselling series. To avoid having an endlessly long post, we've reviewed the first of each series release. They say first impressions are everything, right?

5. McKade Brothers (The Return of Rafe McKade)

Bad boy Rafe McKade is back in town and rumors of his less-than-modest past are spreading like wildfire. But he’s different now. He’s cleaned up his act and he’s living a successful life. Some things just don’t change, though. Like that dangerously handsome face of his and his heavenly smile. And the ladies in town are swooning every time he passes by.

Rafe won’t let mindless gossip get in the way of his goals, though. He enlists the help of Regan Jones to transform the old Barlow house into a stunning inn. However, staying

professional while shoulder to shoulder with the most handsome guy in town is like asking a cat to keep away from a delicious goldfish. Regan claims she doesn’t want him. But her fervent kisses say otherwise.

4. Bride Quartet (Vision in White)

Four girlfriends are absolutely killing it in their successful wedding planning business. Together, they’ve put together some of the wildest weddings ever seen. However, they’re all very unlucky when it comes down to their own love lives.

But when Carter Maguire steps into the picture, Mackensie Elliot falls head over heels for him. However, plagued by a tough upbringing and a troublesome relationship with her mother, Mackensie is thinking twice about commitments. But when Carter’s ex-girlfriend gets her ring gloves on and starts playing dirty, Mackensie is forced to put on a game face and chase after the love of her life.

3. Stars of Mithra (Hidden Star)

At number three, we have a sizzling romance mystery. Bailey James has no idea why she has a bag full of cash and a giant diamond in her possession. She can’t remember a damn thing. One thing’s for sure, though. She’s chin-deep in some pretty dangerous business. And if she wants to live long enough to see a couple more of her birthdays, she’d better get to the bottom of things fast.

Bailey gets an investigator to assess her situation and give her the answers she seeks. But the sharp and calm Cade Parris almost chokes on his own breath at the sight of Bailey’s breathtaking beauty. He can tell she’s no criminal, but can he solve the rest of the case without his feelings getting in the way?

2. Stanislakis (Taming Natasha)

Spencer Kimball and his daughter just moved into a new, small town. Spencer learns the perks of living in such a small town when he realizes how easy is it to find the most divine beauty there. His heart stops the moment he first lays eyes on Natasha. The attraction he has for her is beyond carnal. But Natasha is known for her raging temperament, and the local suitors know better than to approach her.

But Spencer is an out-of-towner and he doesn’t play by the local rules. He sees Natasha. He wants her. And he’s going to have her. He recruits his witty daughter, and together, they hatch a plot to melt her frozen heart and tame her most dreaded fears. Spencer will stop at nothing to show this angel how to love again.