Top 5 Heart-Stopping Erotic Thriller Books

Welcome to horror-thriller Wednesday here on Empire Fiction. For this week, we pick off on where we left off last Monday with the Erotic Reads week. After a deep look into Amazon Best Seller rankings and reader reviews, we were able to rank five good erotic thriller books to read on Amazon, be it through Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reads. So, for those of you who are into thrillers and some good only frisky action, these books should float your boat. Especially if social distancing has you stuck at home as we wait for the Corona Virus storm to fade out.


5. The Mister

By EL James

Life has been a breeze for Maxim Trevelyn. Blessed with the face of a supermodel, cash on call and all the right connections, he's never had to sweat a day of his life. And women... He has a different one warming his bed every night. However, all that goes down the drain when tragedy hits home and he's forced to take up his family estate, and with it the heavy burdens it entails. And Maxim is anything but ready!

And that's not even his biggest challenge. When the withdrawn femme fatale, Alessia Demachi, lands in from England, he finds himself allured to her. However, Maxim bites more than he can chew with Alessia when he winds up in her treacherous roller coaster of life and death. All while keeping dirty little secrets of his own.

4. She's Mine: Captive Hears (Book 1)

Ellie Masters

Raven is an innocent girl, in the prime of her years, working towards her brightest dreams. Her father has always been there for her and she loves him with all her being. However, she soon discovers that the devil wears many faces when the very man that swore to protect her gives her away to settle an old debt. She suddenly finds herself imprisoned and enslaved in the deepest trenches of evil.

On one hand, his abductor makes her skin crawl. On the other hand, he breathes life into her body filling her with thoughts and desires that no ordinary girl should have. She can't stand him. But her body aches for him. She's not going to give in without a fight. She will be her abductor's destroyer. And one day, she will be free. Unless her physical desires betray her resolve...

3. Obsession: Steel Brothers Saga (Book 2)

By Helen Hardt

The gripping saga continues and Jade Roberts still burns with love for Talon Steel. But after breaking his heart, Talon wants nothing to do with her. So, when Jade's boss assigns her to look into the Steels, she complies with great enthusiasm. And soon, she catches wind on the skeletons lying in the Steel brothers' closet. And she won't rest until she unravels those secrets.

Talon's world comes to a standstill the day he lays his eyes on Jade again. He yearns to have her once more. To feel the warmth of her body in his arms. To brush his lips against her smooth, flawless skin. He understands that she doesn't deserve him, but he can't help himself. But he knows far too well that the demons of his past must be laid to rest first before he could have a chance with Jade.

2. Sparrow

By LJ Shen

Sparrow Raynes had big dreams, and the very first involved leaving her boring old hometown. Little did she know back then of the atrocity that lay ahead. The atrocity which would deny her the opportunity of anything beautiful in her life. And now, she finds herself Caged. Kidnapped. Trapped, with nowhere to go. Sparrow's wings have now forever been clipped.

Troy Brennan wasn't what Sparrow had in mind when she thought about getting married and living happily ever after. No. Troy is a monster. A beast, renowned for his wide brutality as "The Fixer". The son of a deceased mobster. And he has Sparrow within his dark clutches. And he's not willing to let her go. Sparrow knows he can't fight back. But she soon discovers that there's more than one way to tame a beast...

1. Dead Center: Rookie Club (Book 1)

By Danielle Girard

Jamie Vail, a sex crime inspector in Francisco, finds herself in murky waters when she's appointed to investigate the murder of her colleague. Her ex-husband's lover. And when the evidence points to her ex-husband, she doesn't bat an eye in narrowing him down as the primary suspect. She tells herself that the case is closed and shut. That she doesn't care.

That is until she comes across a trail that links the crime to another case she's working on. So Jamie must reconcile with her past if she is to solve this case. Apparently, this appears to be the work of a seasoned serial killer who's got female police officers in his cross hairs. And the killer has a special place on his shelf for his ultimate prize... Jamie Vail!

Another Wednesday thriller post in the books! Five good books to read in the erotic thriller shelf of the Empire Fiction library. These erotic thriller books will keep you at the edge of your seat for days. So, make sure you go grab at least one from Amazon and go read your thriller on Kindle Unlimited or Primer Reads. And, if you enjoyed the post, tap that heart button below. Also, light up that comment section at the bottom of this post and let us know what other books you think would have been a perfect fit for this post. Finally, Erotic Romance reads await this Romance Friday, so make sure you don't miss that!

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