Top 5 Erotic Romance Novels You're Bound to Enjoy

Empire Fiction's Erotica Week comes to a spicy close with this erotic romance novel list. So, we'll be gracing Romance Friday with these five Amazon Best Sellers that are brimming with drama, romance, and hot, dirty and unrestrained love scenes. So enjoy our list and if you're looking for a good book to read, feel free to pick any of these book boyfriends. Whether you get your romance books in Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reads, you can easily access these bad boys by tapping the title or cover image. Or, if you like the authors, check out more of their reads by tapping the names below.

Enough boring chit chat for now. Enjoy the books below!

5. Crazy

By Adriana Locke

From the USA Today's Bestselling author comes a dreamy friends-to-lovers standalone. Peck Ward is a mechanic in a small town. And for him, love is worth neither the time nor effort. Besides, life is hard enough without chasing after love from a callous skirt. No. Peck is a brave loner. He is destined to enjoy the pleasures of life without a lady by his side. At least that's what he had in mind. Until a pretty face decided to toss a wrench to his life plans. Literally!

The mere sight of each other makes their guts churn. They can't stand each other's presence. But, Cupid works in mysterious ways. Her cocky disposition soon proves alluring to Peck. And, as it happens, his charming smile turns out to be a killer for her. Everyone knows that this will crash and burn in the end. But then again, Cupid does work in mysterious ways...

4. That Birthday in Barbados: Take Me There

Inglath Cooper

Catherine Camilleri, ActivoGirl CEO, is turning forty and her friends and family have planned a killer party to celebrate her colorful years lived. However, For Catherine, her entire life flashes in front of her eyes. Divorced and without children, she realizes that in spite of all her professional achievements, her love life is not even close to where she saw it twenty years ago. She needs to get away from it all. She needs to have a change of scenery. That's when she makes the decision to book a last-minute ticket to Barbados. Where she had her honeymoon... Where it all began to go wrong.

But what she never planned for was for her to meet Anders Walker. A life enthusiast that understands the true taste of joy in life. And the minute he sees her, he recognizes her aura. The aura of lady who puts her job before herself. The aura of a lady who thinks a handsome man like himself couldn't possibly be interested in a lady like her. And now, Anders takes it upon himself to show her how dead wrong she is. And he has two weeks to do it.

3. Blood Trial: Supernatural Battle, Book 1

By Kelly St. Clare

Basilia Le Spyre is the heiress to a fortune. But when she turns twenty-one, she does something that other girls in her age would consider as outright Ludacris. Basilia decides to run away from home. To forge her own path. A path that leads her away from the ways of the rich. She thinks everything through about her escape. An alias, a place to stay... sort of, and a job... Not really. Okay, well, she thought about almost everything.

Next thing Basilia knows, she's struggling to keep her head above the water in a deadly game of chess, where the players are bloodthirsty vampires. Next thing she knows, Basilia is in the middle of a sticky situation that forces her to play along. That is unless she wasn't her grandmother and best friend to pay the ultimate price.

2. I Hate You

Ilsa Madden-Mills

Blaze Townsend is the hottest guy that Charisma Rossi has ever seen. And he's sharing a seat with him in college. A nerdy bookworm, Charisma has everything going for her. In fact, she even dated Blaze once, until he dumped her in front of all her friends. At her party! Now, all she harbors for him is utter resentment. Well, her heart does, at least. Her body, however, sings a different tune every time he turns his charm on.

Blaze, the campus's wide football receiver and resident playboy, just can't get his mind around Charisma. He enjoyed their little fling while it lasted, and when it came to it, he moved on. Plus, the other ladies that came after her were quite the thrill. But none of them compared to Charisma. All of a sudden, he realizes that she's that one girl he let slip through his fingers. And he wants her back. But he knows damn well, he'd have to put up quite the show to have her in his arms again.

1. Dear Ava

Ilsa Madden-Mills

The Sharks were the cream of Camden Prep. They were rich, spoilt brats who never struggled a day in their lives. Ava was once a part of that world. Back when she dated Chance. Until he tossed her by the curb and turned her life inside out. And now, all Ava feels for the Sharks is complete and unequivocal revulsion. She can't stand them. But when she receives a sweet, anonymous love letter from one of them, she's enticed to know the author. Little did she know that the Shark who wrote it had her right where he wanted her.

The letter was heartfelt. It was charming. The author spills his hidden feelings with the least bit of inhibition, spewing his heart out to the one girl who truly brightens his days. But Ava isn't convinced. After her last experience with Chance, she knows better. Whoever the mysterious Shark is, he's seriously got his work cut out for him if he's to score with Ava. And it will take a lot more than a puny little love letter to get the ball rolling. But he's determined to live up to the challenge.

Well, there you go! Five sizzling hot erotic romance reads that will leave you withering with hot desire. These book boyfriends are quite the good books to read. So, if you haven't read them yet, make sure to check them out by tapping the book covers of titles above. Also, get on that comment section below if you enjoyed this post and hit that heart button. Until next week, from all of us here at Empire Fiction, we would like to wish you a fantastic weekend. Also, stay at home, practice social distancing, stay safe, and let's flatten that corona virus infection curve.


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