Top 5 David Baldacci Best Seller Book Series of all Time

A cover image for a blog on David Baldacci's top 5 best selling book series of all time on Amazon. The image depicts a spooky girl sitting in a dark room with a window behind her and two dogs by her side.

David Baldacci has been putting in the best seller book series on Amazon since 1996, treating readers to some of the greatest thriller books to read of all time. In fact, he’s been writing since he was a kid when his mother gave him a notebook. He’s published over 37 books in more than 45 languages and 80 countries. And to add icing to the cake, David is a major philanthropist, supporting family and adult literacy along with his wife.

In respect and admiration over his achievements, we here at Empire Fiction decided to pay homage to this amazing writer by doing an Amazon book review of five of his bestselling book series. For each series we’ll be reviewing the first release, just to avoid spilling beans on any spoilers on proceeding releases.

5. The Camel Club

Up at number five, we have a conspiracy theory story series, that revolves around the United States government. The Camel Club is a bloodhound for corruption, hellbent on exposing the malignant lies and corruption at the highest ranks of government. And when an intelligence analyst meets a mysterious demise, The Camel Club smells a rotten egg from miles away. The government writes it off as a suicide, but there’s much more than they’re letting on.

In need of help from the inside, the Club enlists the help of Agent Alex Ford, a coveted Secret Service Agent. Together, they shed light on the biggest conspiracy brewing right inside the shiny corridor walls of the White House. And on tripping on the truth, Ford discovers that his worst fears will soon become a daunting reality.

4. Will Robie (The Innocent)

Next up is another action-packed thriller series, centered around Master Assassin Will Robin. He’s the US government’s go-to man when the trigger needs to be pulled with the utmost discretion. He’s like a ghost in the wind, and he’s never missed his mark before. A true master of his craft. And, most important for the government, he never asks questions. He’s the perfect lap dog.

But when he is assigned to kill an innocent government employee, doubts begin to cloud his judgment. And just when he’s about to pull the trigger, his conscience gets the better of him. He can’t do it. But the tables rapidly turn on him. Will finds himself running for his own life from the very trusted hand that once fed him. But what is it about that employee that unleashed this raging hell upon him? Will has to find out before it’s too late for himself and everyone he loves.