5 Great Action-Packed Counter-Terrorism Amazon Best Sellers You Just Have to Get Your Hands On.

Empire Fiction is back, and we're kicking the week right off with Amazon Counter-Terrorism best seller book reviews. Prepared for this week's Action Monday are five jaw-dropping action reads that will keep your eyes glued to the book (or screen) for days. So, where you prefer your action on Kindle Unlimited or on Prime Reads, you definitely want to pick these up once you're through with this post. Just click any of the book covers or titles for quick access to the Kindle Store and Amazon Books. Without further ado, here's our golden list for your reading pleasure.

5. Kill List: A Nick Lawrence Novel

By Brian Shea

FBI Special Agent Nick Lawrence faces the heavy tragedy of losing his father. His aging mother isn't doing so well either. So he transfers out of Connecticut's New Haven field office to a bank robbery unity. Meanwhile, Declan Enright has been fired as a police officer after having served as a Navy Special Warface Operator for years. Struggling to feed his family, he taps into his military skills to conduct the perfect heist And he walks away scot-free. At least until Nick finds his trail.

However, when a melee of terror attacks shake the United States nation to the core, fate decides to intertwine the two rivals' destinies. Nick and Declan are the only ones with the skills necessary to stop the next attack. So they two must join forces if the people of the United States are to see another dawn.

4. Near Dark: The Scot Harvath Series (Book 20)

By Brad Thor

Scot Harvath, the epitome of all American spies, has a bounty on his head. The world's top assassins and bounty hunters have their scopes aimed at him. But Scot is determined to accomplish his mission before he can go back home. A mission so treacherous that it has already claimed his new wife's life. Scarred and on the run, Scot knows far too well that he can't do this alone. He needs all the help he could possibly get. And he needs a lot of it.

Sølvi Kolstad works for the Norwegian intelligence, and behind her back is a past tainted with blood and trauma, just enough to match Scot's. She also possesses the same brains, skills, and drive as he does. So when they meet, they just click. And suddenly, Scot has a worthy ally by his side. But will it be enough to pull Scot through in one piece?

3. False Flag: Jason Trapp (Book 2)

By Jack Slater

Jason Trapp has been traversing the corners of the world, seeking blood from the last of the Bloody Monday conspirators. The last on his hit list is Emmanuel Alstyne, a crooked financier. When his head rolls, Jason can finally see the bright horizon of retirement beckoning for him. The time to hang his gloves in the closet has come and he welcomes it with open arms.

But when an easy mission in Macau goes awry, Jason finds himself getting sucked back into the madness. A CIA agent has been taken, Chinese agents are found murdered and American Satellites are burning to oblivion over the Earth's atmosphere. Jason must find Eliza Ikeda, and he must do it fast. With the two global superpowers racing for global dominance and a glaring lack of clues as to Eliza's whereabouts, Jason can sense that he is being played. But the clock is ticking fast and Jason has to make a move.

2. The Enigma Strain: Harvey Bennet (Book 1)

Nick Thacker

A deadly virus has been dormant for centuries. But it has now been released. People start dropping like flies as lives lie hanging in the balance. The withdrawn Harvey Bennet, a park ranger from Yellowstone, is sucked into action as he struggles to stay alive. He teams up with the lovely Juliette from the CDC, and together, they are forced to take all measures necessary to ensure their survival.

The two travel across the American landscapes, traversing across looming dangers. All of which neither is prepared to deal with. They must stay out of sight to survive as terrorists pose a serious threat to both their lives.

1. The Kremlin Conspiracy: Marcus Ryker (Book 1)

Joel C Rosenberg

Tensions are mounting high and fast in North Korea and Iran. The global situation seemed dire as the United States president has his hands tied, striving to de-escalate impending chaos. Meanwhile, a blood-thirsty czar is tightening his grip on the reins of power in Russia. He is a ruthless president plotting a lethal strike that would blaze through NATO's defenses and leave Washington with its pants down. The US president's blind spot is glaring, and the battle for global power is imminent. War is coming!

However, what Moscow never sees coming is Marcus Ryker, a retired US Secret Service agent. Marcus still holds strong to his vow to protect and serve and puts himself to the task as the president is distracted. With lethal training and a taste for blood, he throws himself back into the action. But will it be enough to save the country?

There you go. Five action-packed Amazon best sellers that will keep you busy for days on end. I hope you enjoyed our book reviews and if there is anything else you would like us to cover, let us know in the comment section below. We would also love to know what you're reading right now, so feel free to get cracking on that keyboard. Also, hit that heart button if you enjoyed this Action Monday post. Until Horror Wednesday, we'll see you soon with more amazing content.


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