Top 5 African American Best Seller Thriller Fiction Books You Should be Reading

African American Best Seller Thriller Fiction best seller books

If you're into African American fiction books, then you're going to enjoy these great books to read. We have compiled this list to celebrate anti-racism efforts around the world. We have come a long way since the 80s and 90s, and we here at Empire Fiction applaud global efforts towards this. However, inequalities still stem from different parts of the world, and every now and then, it rears its ugly head. So, in that regard, we decided to prepare a quick Amazon book review of five best seller books within the African American Thriller category to raise awareness and to promote equality and racial tolerance. The result of the book search for this post is so perfect, it gives me chills!

5. Detective Cross: BookShots

By James Patterson

At number five is an Amazon best seller from one of my favorite authors. The Alex Cross series revolves around a Metropolitan Police detective called... Well, Alex Cross. He's a smart witted, headstrong father and a dedicated police officer who always gets the bad guy. Harboring serious conflicts from his own personal life, Alex takes us through the world of mystery and crime and all its dirty nooks and crannies.

BookShots is the second installment in the series. The drama starts when an anonymous caller rings and vows to set off devastating bombs across Washington, DC. Alex can't tell if it's another prank call, or if the caller is actually the real deal. One thing is for sure, though. When he finds out, it might be way too late to stop a massacre.

4. Missing Time Murders

By Stacy M Jones

Next up is a murder thriller. An elusive serial killer is on the rampage, killing wives and leaving them lying next to their clueless husbands, deprived of any memories. Quite the awkward situation for the oblivious husbands. Not to mention confusing. But in the eyes of the local police, the phrase prime suspect is written all over the husbands. And, when Riley Sullivan is appointed lead on the case, it gets personal very quickly when her friend, Cooper Deagan is implicated in a crime of his own following the death of his wife.

Meanwhile, Luke Morgan, another bereaved husband, is slowly regaining his memory. Despite the glaring evidence against her friend, Riley is forced to put her trained hound nose to use to help Luke regain his memory and find the real killer. But can Luke's memory recover fast enough to save Cooper from being indicted, and to prevent the next murder?