5 Hottest African American Urban Romance Fiction Books You've Never Heard About

African American Urban Romance best seller books

Empire Fiction is putting a close to African American Fiction week with some good old urban romance books. You know what they say, "Once you go black, you're never going back!" And after reading these Amazon bestsellers, you're never going to look at urban romance the same again. So, keeping true to our topic, we present you with five great, scintillating books to read. This is one Amazon book review blog that you'll definitely want to keep reading till the end. If, at any point, you like what you read, click/tap the book cover or title and we'll whisk you straight to Kindle where you can get that novel right now!

5. Married to the King of the South

By Twyla T

Ace Robison rules the streets of the South. With serious, legit and illegal business running in his name, he is a man with his ear always planted to the ground. Nobody even sneezes without him knowing. His business depends on it. However, when a girl sets him up, he is ready to put a bullet between her eyes. Except, he immediately realizes he's got the wrong girl. And she now knows who he is. He should kill her anyway. But there's a bright sparkle in her eye that draws him to her.

Paris Robinson has her life set out. She's to finish college and start the journey to her dream business, Just an Xpression. And she'd be damned if anything got in the way of that. Or at least that's what she thought... Until everything goes sideways when she is kidnapped by a kingpin with his eyes set on her blood. But there's something about his aura that brings contentment and a deep sense of calm in her heart. Even when he has her at gunpoint.

4. Fallin for a Gold Mouth Boss

By Lakia

Mila James enjoys a lavish life as the creme of society. But the arrogance of her success oozes from her like a nasty joke. She lives life riding her high horse, looking down on the "little" people until karma serves her with her own medicine. Her life comes crashing down, and she loses all her high profile friends, forcing her to start over from scratch. However, life throws a curve ball at her when she ends up working for a handsome boss who sets her life back on the right path.

Bryson "Black" Webb is the hottest man in town. He is every woman's desire and every man's idol. A successful real estate business owner with a feel for the streets and original hood personality, Black is a rich man in his prime. And swooning ladies are at the bottom of his list of priorities. But when of one the ladies who work with his confront him with a less than colorful personality, His priorities slowly begin to shift.

3. Too Hood for You

By KC Mills

A handsome man riddled with endless responsibilities... A dazzling lady in the prime of her years, brimming with hopes and dreams for a bright future. Who knew that one night of passionate pleasure would lead to so many complications? Horatio "Heavy" Wright's pride won't let him back away from taking care of his future child. And Shai Abrams has to adapt to the ways of the hood, and all the added baggage that comes packaged as Heavy.

Drama intricately weaves its sticky threads through every crevice of the new, unlikely couple. But at the end of the day, it's really up to them to decide what kind of life they want to have. Heavy is ready to give his whole life to Shai. But he knows far too well that to Shai, he'll always be too hood for her. And besides, how could they possibly make it with all of life's jagged daggers catapulting their way at all angles imaginable?

2. A Street Billionaire Turned a Virgin Out

By Candi B

Remy Mosely values herself and treats her body like the temple that it is. She has never been touched by any man, saving herself for the right one. At some point, she thought Demonte would be that man. But he turns out to be a monster, unleashing agony and misery in her life, the likes she has never felt before. But just as she tumbles to her lowest pit, Supreme Carter comes into the picture. And, suddenly, Remy's thinking there's hope for her yet.