Top 5 Amazon Best Seller African American Horror Fiction Books You Haven't Read Yet

Amazon Best Seller African American Horror Fiction Books

Welcome back to Empire Fiction, and today, we're picking up from where we left off with the African American Best Seller Fiction Series from Amazon. This time, we're doing an Amazon book review of horror fiction, so this is for the adrenaline buffs and junkies out there. As usual, we went through Amazon Best Seller Rankings and book reviews on the African American Horror category. From this, we came up with these five grippingly chilling horror reads that will keep you checking under your bed at night for weeks!

5. The Haunting of La'Quishia

By Akida Shephard

Up at number five, is an exorcism story with a dash of drama and shockers that will leave your head spinning. After getting kicked out of her old apartment, Temeka turns to her best friend, Belinda, for temporary accommodation. However, it turns out Belinda doesn't know her friend as much as she thought she did. A series of malicious events orchestrated by Temeka leaves Brenda without a husband and a possessed daughter, La'Quishia.

Five years down the line, La'Quishia still struggles with the demons that her "Auntie Meka" left with her. First of all, there's the trauma of betrayal. As if losing her father wasn't enough, La'Quishia has become the laughing stock in her school, being bullied and alienated by her classmates. Secondly, there's the evil that her Auntie left with her. The evil spirits that possess her body, threatening to take her life. Her mother struggles with these atrocities and is forced to find a way to exorcise these malign beings trapped inside of La'Quishia before its all too late.

4. My Soul to Keep: African Immortal Series, Book 1

By Tananarive Due

Next in line, is a vampire horror that will keep you at the edge of your seat. David is everything Jessica has ever wanted in a man. Smart, loving, supportive, funny... He is the full package. Still, something about him feels a little bit off. But then again, everyone has baggage, right? Jessica discovers that she has bitten off more than she can chew when the people dearest to her begin to die mysterious deaths. That's when David confesses that he had traded his humanity for immortality more than 400 years ago back in Ethiopia. And now, his "brethren" want him to leave his family behind so he could go back and join them.

David refuses the request, having found the love of his life. So, instead, he vows to invoke a long forbidden ritual that would allow him to keep Jessica forever. Jessica is shocked by the revelation and now finds herself wedged between a rock and a hard place. Either she gives in to Da