Top 5 Action-Packed Erotica Books

We're back again, and this week, we're delving into erotica reads. And since it's action Monday here at Empire Fiction, we're delving straight into Erotic Action books that will blow your world (no pun intended... I think...). So, as usual, we looked into Amazon's Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reads and assessed their best seller rankings and reader reviews. From there, we picked these five good books to read so you don't get bored over these crazy corona virus / COVID-19 quarantine days.

5. Hopelessly Devoted: Bayou Devils MC, Book 1

By AM Myers

Logan leads a disturbing life with a devastating past. Having suffered loss after loss, he takes comfort in the rescue work he does under the Bayou Devils MC. With a past as dark as his, he wouldn't dare take a partner. At least that's what his principles stood... Until he met Alison. His life is lit like a Christmas tree the day she comes into his life. And for a moment, he completely forgets of the daunting past that's had him looking over his shoulder over the past couple of years.

Big mistake. The devil comes to town for his due. And Logan is left with a difficult choice to make. Either he decimates Alison's already shattered heart, or he keeps her by his side, putting her right in the middle of his enemy's cross hairs.

4. Breaker: A Brother's Best Friend

By Harloe Rae

Sutton has always has had her eye on Grady. He is her brother's best friend. But Sutton doesn't care. Just the mere thought of his scent has her swooning. She wants him. She wants to wrap herself around the layers of muscle on his enticing body and never let go. He is the first image that lingers in her mind every morning, the only fantasy fueling her most intimate ecstasies every night she drifts off in bed.

But Grady has a troubled mind. Coming from a family of violence, he carries a heavy heart, filled with rage and resentment. He fights his blood ridden heritage, but reality soon settles in. He can't escape his destiny. He has to embrace it. Sutton is his only anchor to the last bits of his shattered and suppressed humanity. But to him, she is nothing more than his best friend's baby sister.

3. Cruel Obsession: A Mafia Romance, Book 1

By JL Beck

Zane has always been Dove's protector. From the monsters under her bed in her toddler years to the predators lurking in the shadows in her prime adult years. He loves her. He has the kind of love for her that borders psychotic obsession. And he knows it. He could do anything to keep her safe. He could draw blood. He could break bones. He could kill!

But now, Zane is forced to kidnap the apple of his eye. Though he loves her, he refuses to take her for himself. Nonetheless, he has made a decision. He has decided that she is his. His alone. And he'd be damned if he was to let her slip between his fingers ever again.

2. Made of Steel

By Ivy Smoak

Summer and Miles fell in love as early as six-years-old. They were the cute neighbors' kids who planned on getting married and spending their happily ever after together. However, when tragedy puts Summer in a foster home and tears here away from the love of her life, they realize that fate had other plans in store from them. And soon after, Miles forgets all about her.

Ten years down the line, life offers summer a second chance at happiness in a witness protection program. But there's a catch... She's not allowed to talk to anyone from her past for their protection. And right there, in the corridors of the safe house that she is hidden, lies a door down the hall where her long lost love resides. She could confront him, but is living on the run with her one true love worth the risk?

1. Vicious: Sinners of Saint, Book 1

By LJ Shen

Emilia was the daughter of a house-help, a starving artist, struggling to make it in life. And in that life, she met Vicious. The handsome lawyer in his prime. The creme de la creme of his profession. Her ex-boyfriend's best friend. But she soon finds out that beneath that manly charm lied secrets. The kind of secrets that could put you in a coffin. So she had to run. But even in the buzzing streets of New York City, she knew she wasn't safe from him.

Vicious was an icon in society, but he wore two masks. And when society wasn't looking, he'd wear his devil horns. He was a certified criminal and a brute of a liar. The day Emilia stepped into his world, she turned his life inside out. He fell for her. But being her best friend's ex, he knew too well she was out of bounds. But amidst all that confusion, she saw the wolf that he was beneath the sheepskin he wore. And now, he has to find her.

Well, there you go. Five erotic action novels in the books! So feel free to click the book covers or titles above to get access to any of these awesome reads. According to readers, these are quite the good books to read and amazon best seller rankings support it. If you liked our Empire Fiction Action Monday list, let us know by smashing that heart button at the bottom of the page. Also, if you think we missed a book? Get typing in that comment section below.

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