Top 5 Young Adult Thriller Books to Get You Through a Corona Emergency

Amazon Best Seller Reads

As Corona creeps its deadly fingers across the corners of the globe, it’s critical for us to stay indoors. However, being indoors with nothing much to do is enough to kill you in of itself. So, we scoured the new books releases out on kindle to find some good thriller books to read on amazon prime. For the thriller buff out there, these should be enough to keep you busy as we wait for the corona tide to die out.

Well, let’s dive straight into it then.

1. The New Elite: The Exceptional S. Beaufont (Book 4)

By Sarah Noffke

Currently an Amazon #1 bestseller, this book is the fourth installment in its series. It follows the sci-fi world of dragons, revolving the first dragon rider to be born in decades – Sophia Beaufont. She is the first dragon rider in ages to breathe life into her guild and awaken the other dragon riders to rid the world of the evil crawling over it. But the evil isn’t willing to turn a blind eye to this uprising. Crime lords are willing to fight back against the dragon riders. And with the dragon numbers running thinner by the day, Sophia needs to defend her dragons more fiercely than she ever has!

2. Ali Cross

By James Patterson

From the global bestselling author comes a new enthralling series, Ali Cross. He is the spawn of the brilliant, hot-headed DC detective, Alex Cross. When his friend Gabe Qualls goes missing, Ali jumps on the case since he knows him better than anyone else. Boasting his father’s very best qualities – intelligence, logic, and persistence – Ali has everything he needs to solve this case. Everything except patience… And he can’t afford to have it as every second he wastes, could mean the difference between life and death for his old friend.

3. All the Little Lights

By Jamie McGuire