Top 5 Young Adult Romance Books To Ride Out The Corona Emergency

A book boyfriend is just the thing if you’re looking to keep your sanity as you wait out the corona quarantine emergency in the lonesome of your house. Lord knows the only worse than dying from the virus itself is slowly fading away in the boredom that comes with staying indoors all day with nothing better to do than watching TV. So, for the romance lovers out there, we’ve prepared the best 5 young adult romance books to read on amazon prime as you stay in for the next couple of days.

1. That Boy

By Jillian Dodd

From the USA Today Bestselling author Jillian Dodd comes an engaging friends-to-lovers romance. Follow through Jadyn’s exciting high school life as she finds herself entangled in the sticky grasp of two hunky studs that turn her life inside out. One, Danny, is the hot quarterback every girl in school swoons over every time he passes by. The other, Phillip, is her close friend, whose voice sends butterflies fluttering in the pit of her stomach. They’re both perfect. They’re both amazing. They’re both dreamy… But only one will swoop her off her feet. Only one will stick around long enough to become That boy.

2. The Beginning of Everything

By Robyn Schneider

Currently #1 Best Seller on Amazon, this story will make you love, hate and cry throughout the reading experience. The story revolves around Ezra Faulkner, a prized varsity tennis captain, soon to become the homecoming king. However, that all changes when everything he has is pulled from under his feet. His girlfriend leaves him, and he gets into a shocking accident that shatters his leg. He struggles to deal with the changes in his life when Cassidy Thorpe swoops in to ignite the fire in Ezra’s life once more. But will love be enough to redeem Ezra to the boy-wonder he once used to be?

3. Inception: The Marked Saga (Book 1)

Bianca Scardoni

A #1 bestseller in a number of categories, this book is making waves as a dark romance thriller. Follow through the life of Jemma Blackburn as she circumvents the dangerous lies fed to her since her childhood when she saw her father murdered by a bloodthirsty vampire right before her very eyes. But then she is told that she dreamt it all. Deep down inside, she knows what she saw was real and now, as she settles down in Hollow Hill for a normal life, the vampires begin to gun for her. Because she is coming of age… Because she is not human… And she has been marked from inception.

4. Tyed

By L J Shen

Blaire is the weird twin in her pair. While her sister is a gorgeous supermodel, with tons of awards under her belt, Blaire is struggling with her grades. So much so, that doesn’t do boys. Not because she doesn’t like boys, but she really needs to work on her college studies. Or so she says… Because there’s Ty, a talented mixed martial artist, and soon-to-be Welterweight champion. He’s the kind of cocky asshole that any girl with slightest of common sense wouldn’t date, even with a 10-foot pole. Fortunately for him, his cute ass gives him a pass. However, Ty has a nasty little secret. And Blaire can barely keep up with his truths.

5. The Dragon Kings: The Complete Series

By Kimberly Loth

Another #1 Best Seller on Amazon right now is Kimberly Loth’s dragon shifter series. Aspen had no idea that she was talking to the dragon king when she told him to get lost. To her, Sid is just a nagging reminder of the past that she would much rather forget. However, Sid can’t bring himself to leave Aspen alone. He knows far too well that she is the key to saving himself and the rest of the dragon race. But the one thing he never plans on happening is falling for her. Like life isn't complicated enough…

Well, there’s our list of good books to read on Kindle. Which one is your favorite pick? Also, which books do you think we should have had on the list instead and which books do you think shouldn’t even be on this list in the first place? We would love to know, so feel free to get cracking on that comment section below.


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