5 Best Sci-Fi Romance Standalone Novels

If you’re more a series kind of a guy… or girl, check out our blog on that.

However, if a standalone is your cup of tea, or if you’re a newbie looking to venture into this world, then stick with us on this post. We went ahead and scoured kindle again for you guys. We made picks based on ratings and comments from readers. Not only did the readers have great things to say about these books, but at least a hundred of them gave it an average score of 4.5 out of 5.

Without further ado, let's dive in and pick these romance novels apart.

Night Class

By Hannah Crow

First off on our list is a vampire romance. Unlike most of her childhood friends, Rachel has had an innate love for history since her blooming years. She knew that getting a job with a history degree wouldn’t bear easy on her, but she decided to pursue it anyway. Especially when a scholarship drops on to her lap. However, she still needs to make ends meet and her part-time job barely helps make the rent. Not to mention how beat up the job gets her before her evening class.

Professor Thane’s first impression places him some years below thirty. His spotless face, chiseled jaw and high brow ridge are the highlights of his handsome, youthful appearance. However, his shiny, greying hair betray this illusion. His profound sophomore class on American History needs no introduction. He superbly enchants his students with history stories. Not through the bland text of history books, but through the eyes of the valiant men who lived those years. So convincingly he did, that one would assume he’d lived through them himself.

Rachel is taking a beating off her American History class. Her class-work balancing act is proving disastrous as a D slaps her in the face from her midterms. And she knew that Professor Thane noticed. She knew it irritated him. She could feel it every time she’d vainly grasp at straws trying to answer his tough-nut questions in class. However, dark, medieval secrets are unveiled about the Professor when Rachel is summoned to his office. But his lustful lure and seductive charms prove too much for Rachel to put aside.

Mated to the Alpha

By J M Klaire

After a good vampire romance, it would be sacrilege not to pick a werewolf novel. Emma is a problem child with a widowed cop for a father. He adores her, allowing Emma to get away with a bit more than she should. However, she finds herself in the deep end of the pool when she steps on a few toes that she shouldn’t have. Events reveal to her that she is not human. She never was. And neither was her mother. She was a wolf shifter. And the enigmatic death of her mother had long stirred trouble in her pack.

This is when she meets the irresistible wolf of a man: Elam. His dirty alpha tendencies prove amorous to her, drawing every inch of her to him. And Elam is determined to make her his own. But Emma is plagued by the death of her mother. She needed to solve the mystery. To find closure. Little did she know that the truth is covered with ravenous thorns as other wolves are out to get her. Elam must rise and shield her in her quest. All as they navigate through the lascivious passion and lustful desire that they hold for each other.

Among Galactic Ruins

By Anna Hackett

Next up is some good old human space adventure romance. Dr. Lexa Carter has something to prove. After she finds a secret map leading to a treasured artifact on a desert planet, she is quick to rise to the occasion. Maybe this will show her family. Maybe this would prove her worth. She is relentless and brimming with sheer tenacity. Nothing would stand in her way to finding that artifact. However, to Damon Malik, her pain-in-the-

ass protector for the expedition, the fine doctor is trouble in its purest form.

Daman Malik is a former intergalactic spy. He had long taken a step back from all the action by getting a security job at a museum. It was nice not having people wanting to kill you all the time for a change. But his reprieve is short-lived when he is paired with Dr. Carter for an extra planetary expedition. She gets under his skin. She is so stubborn. So arrogant. Damon just wants to strangle her. But he can’t deny that sexy, luring, frame she had. So, he a part of him did despise her, the other part of him wanted to tear her down and overwhelm her with raw, ravenous power.

Their adventure goes south in the midst of unfamiliar desert dunes and whirling sand storms. Someone wants the good Dr. and her protector dead and they would stop at nothing to achieve this. Feral beasts roam the desert, threatening to tear them on pieces on sight. Fatal thieves traverse the land, scavenging for weary wayfarers. Dr. Carter and Malik must get over their differences to survive. However, survival is not the only instincts coursing through their veins…


By Loki Renard

This one takes us to the futuristic human times of the 10,000s C.E. These are times when cancer and aging are no longer a threat to mankind, so no one dies. They are times when people are placed in stasis pods to live when reason arises to help with overpopulation. These are times of space exploration. Times when sexual behavior is deemed savagery and test tube insemination is the norm. So it stood as huge shame when the Patron, the leader of the now superhuman race, bore a child through intercourse: Tselia.

Tselia is a space explorer and unlike the rest of her kind, she generally disagrees with the Patron’s views. She is a stubborn specimen with budding ideologies of her own. She is cautioned not to interfere with planetary activities when she is sent to explore a blue globe discovered a long time ago. Back when a team of explorers was lost there, never to be heard of again. Her mission is simple: immediately report back to base on the evidence of any sign of life.

Tselia is intrigued when she finds primitive humanoid life on that planet. She is even more fascinated by the on-going mating games she captures on camera. Opting to ignore protocol, she takes a shuttle and goes in for a closer look, only to come crashing to the ground. With no way to contact base back home, she is taken by a big, bulky, savage male. She fights tooth and nail from having him take her. But long can she keep it up until she gives in to his savagery? How long until she tastes the sweet ecstasies behind the aromatic nectar that is the seed of man.

Alien Zookeeper Abduction

By Zara Zenia & Juno Wells

Finally, this list couldn’t be complete without an alien abduction romance. Meet Jewel. A misfit, tomboy of a girl living in Cold Creek, Washing. A small village running mostly because of the nearby army barracks. Jewel was once a part of that station. Until she was discharged. She didn’t play well with others. So she’s making due being a bartender. Demons infested her mind. What was her purpose in life? Was this it? A bartender forever? A pathetic life in a godforsaken village in the middle of nowhere?

Jewel had just had a long day at work only to be met by a nasty storm right before she can check out for the night. Against the barkeep’s advice to sleep over for the night, she decides to drive home anyway. That’s when the events begin to unfold. The events that lead her into being sucked into a mother ship. A flying saucer of some sort. That’s the time when she got abducted. She wakes up in an artificial room. Panic devours her entire being.

Kay, an alien, is exiled to a zoological expedition after causing a bit of chaos back at home. He struggles to prove himself with the ultimate goal of redemption so he could get back to the life he enjoyed so much. However, he quickly notices that one of the specimens he picked up, the one from Earth, exhibits intelligent behavior. As the curator, he investigates.

Amid terror and confusion, Jewel finds that she must rise to the occasion if she is to have any freedom outside her cell. Maybe this is her destiny. To relish in the illicit, carnal desires of a foreign species. But she has doubts. Would his kind accept her? And what would they do with the rest of her kind back at home?

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