5 Best Romantic Sci-Fi Series

What’s life without a little bit of sci-fi action thrillers keeping us on the seat’s edge? Well, add a pinch of nudity and tantalizingly erotic sex scenes in there, then you have a real work of art. And if ongoing sagas are what whets your palate, then you definitely want to stick through this post. Best of all, the weekend is here. So, we made another delicious list for those of you who are looking forward to locking that door and helping yourselves to a sweet dose of erotic fiction. We scavenged through Amazon Kindle and picked the five best romantic sci-fi novel series as rated by shoppers from this huge e-book market.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, let’s get down to the good stuff.

Enigma: What Lies Beneath

By Ditter Kellen

If Aquaman turned your gears, then this could serve as your preferred poison this weekend. Currently on the second sequel, the first introduces us to a world where two major human races exist: the land walkers and the ocean dwellers. The land dweller government hatches a huge conspiracy to keep the existence of the ocean dwellers a secret amid tension and threats of war. All the while, a plague of a virus swarms through the human race, wiping out thousands in its wake.

Everything turns sour when Hauke, an ocean dweller, wakes up restrained to a bed following a huge explosion. He is being held captive in Area 51, a secret government facility. And his only hope for survival lies with Doctor Abbigail Sutherland. A single lady who has dedicated her entire life to saving mankind with no hopes for finding love in her confined and colorless life. But this is all a huge revelation to Doctor Sutherland. Ocean dwellers? Why is this being kept secret? She looks for answers only to find heated affections with Hauke. They run away together. But for how long can they keep looking over their shoulders?

Dark Stranger: The Dream

By I T Lucas

This is a spicy one. Still selling at its 37th sequel, it reminds me of CW’s ‘The Originals’ TV series. Except, instead of vampires, we delve into the lives of near-immortal gods. War has divided these eternal beings into two factions, and Kian leads his own assault with Amanda, his sister, from his imperial Los Angeles high-rise. Though he is surrounded by a clan, Kian is overwhelmed with loneliness. Unable to pick his queen from among them. He realizes the curse of his existence. His damned destiny to suffer repeated agony from losing one mortal lover after the next throughout the millennia.

A ray of light shines over Kian as Amanda makes a history-pivoting discovery. She learns of Syssi. The mortal with a dormant transcript of their genes in her human genome. Are there more humans like this? Are these genes activatable? Amanda gives her a job at her neuroscience lab to keep her close. She begs her brother to try and activate her. But Kian hesitates. However, their enemies learn of this news, turning Syssi into a target. Kian is now forced to ensure her safety under his wing. He soon finds himself drawn to her provocative beauty. He suddenly longs to explore the depths of her sensual essence. But he fears dragging her into a ruthless blood bath that started long before her existence.

The Alien's Prize: Warriors of Luxiria (Book 1)

By Zoey Draven

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on an alien planet? Would the people there have tentacles? Would they be green? Well, the author of this series has an interesting twist to her story, which is on its second release. She introduced us to Kate Harper. A hot, stubborn city girl with everything going for her. However, everything takes a quick nose-dive the day she wakes up naked, bound and in the pit of an entirely different planet. She has been abducted. And her alien captives take her back to their planet: Luxiria. Kate is shocked to discover the tall, sweaty, well-built men to be her captors. They are a warrior planet. They hold visceral fighting tournaments where the winner gets the ultimate prize: To mate with a sexy earthling captive. And thanks to Kate’s exquisite curves, she finds herself at the top of the star list.

Kate finds that she must hatch a plot for her freedom. When Vaxa’an, the leader in Luxiria, wins the alpha prize, she would sway him to get back home. Her erotic charms would be her key asset. But mixed feelings soon plague her resolve. When she gets a first-hand taste of his godly physique. His magical tongue. His shockingly huge dick. His arrogant ways only serve to entangle her deeper into his archaic web of carnal pleasures.

Fury: New Species (Book 1)

By Laurann Dohner

Only at its second release, this story takes me back to The Beauty and The Beast. The journey, however, is different all-together. Top secret experiments are being conducted illegally in a pharmaceutical company. They have been merging human and animal DNA to create new species. Ellie, one of the workers there, is mortified when she finds out. That’s when meets one of the key, successful experiments: Fury. He touches her heart like no other ‘normal’ human ever could. The look in his eyes sends blood rushing to her cheeks. Fury was designed to be a powerhouse. With strength far beyond any human capability. Ellie couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be manhandled by him. Overwhelmed by the vile notion of this experiment and injustices it presented to Fury, she sets him free.

But captivity is all Fury has ever known. Freedom, love, Compassion, freewill; these were all alien notions to him. In his eyes, the one woman he had ever trusted had betrayed him. Taken him from his home. From his family. He is lost. He is confused. He is furious. He thirsts for revenge. He pledges to destroy Ellie. He craved her blood. But will he go through with it? Or will the warm, loving gaze of Ellie be enough to melt his icy cold heart?

Sold to The Berserkers: Berserker Saga (Book 1)

By Lee Savino

No erotic sci-fi list would be complete without a harem. A reverse harem in this case. Currently at its fifth saga, this one is sizzling hot. Tag along for this medieval adventure as Brenna, a young girl, scarred girl with a troubling past strives to protect her younger sisters from her stepfather. A nasty pedophile. A filthy, pathetic excuse of a man. But her life takes an unsuspected turn when the old man tricks her and knocks her unconscious. He sells her to the company of barbaric warriors. The Berserkers.

A dreaded group of towering mercenaries stands over Brenna. They were gigantic men with thick slabs of muscle latched onto their frames. Brenna has heard of them before. They are ruthless killers. Decimating every adversary set in their path. Unlike her stepfather, these men are a force to be reckoned with. And now, they own her. Tears stream down her face as images seared into her mind. Being defiled by these beasts. Being ravaged by these savage animals. The would tear her to shreds. However, a soft touch to her cherry lip and warm, assuring embrace tell her all is not as it seems…

And for the Bonus…

Fire in His Blood: Fireblood Dragon (Book 1)

By Ruby Dixon

If the dragons from Game of Thrones left you yearning for more, then this might make for a good read for you. The scene is set in the future. A post-apocalyptic time. Some years after the Ridge. When the skies tore open and a thunder of dragons descended from the heavens demolishing all there is of civilization. People die by the billions. The few that survive find shelter behind the barriers of Fort Dallas, protected by the New Militia. Headed by their Mayor, the New Militia provides food and security to the people. But each at its own demeaning price.

For Claudia Jones, the notion of spreading her legs for a loaf of mold-infested bread doesn’t sink well in her head. So, she scavenges. With a sweet, helpless and wounded younger sister at her side, she must take the risk. She must breach the barriers to find artifacts of the old days. Phones. Batteries. Laptops. Anything she could swap for a good day’s meal. But scavenging is a crime in Fort Dallas. And when her buyer rats her out, she’s sent to exile. Out in the open. Out with dragons. She figures she could tame the ominous creatures. But one particular creature wants something else. Something far more sensual. Something carnal. Something sexual...

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