Naked Secrets:

The Naked Series (Book 1)

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'…start to a drama filled series with erotic elements'

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Unrequited desires. Unrelenting temptations.

And throbbing urges that itch to be stroked.

Mac fidgets in his car seat, arranging the stiffness in his pants. He reaches down to his glove compartment. Grabs painkillers. Another ritual to ease the throbbing pain from another sexless night with his wife.


“Oh, Alisha. So hot. So tight. So curvy. Your soft chocolate skin… Like wet silk, dripping with sweet licentious honey.”

He frowns.

“But what’s the point of candy when you can’t unwrap it?”

He walks into his office. Stephanie welcomes him with a smile. Her short tight skirt barely conceals the garter on her upper thigh. Mac swallows hard as the vixen takes his coat.

Suddenly, his pants are tight all over again.

Is Mac willing to take the dive? Alisha doesn’t have to know. But is it worth his marriage?

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