Khalila Black

An exhilarating journey of art awaits you!

I love drawing! For me, art is my calm at the end of a raging storm. My repertoire of art categories is vast. I do toon me orders on commission; fan art from both manga and western style comics; erotic and family friendly art; and I even create avatars from people on demand. I'm also in charge of all the design features your see on this website, including the book blog posts on social media.

You can support my work by purchasing my merchandise at Redbubble, or by ordering your very own commission work as a toon me or avatar order. Get in touch with me here.

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My Books

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What I Do










1. Exclusive Art Books

Special Cover Models.jpg

Got a model you so dearly adore?

Well, imagine having a book with illustrations of that model depicted to satiate your darkest fantasies


We can make it happen!

Just click below, get in touch, and we'll make it happen exclusive for you!


2. Commission Illustrations

Ever had an illustration of yourself?

Or how about one for your significant other?

Or even one for you both?

Click that button below and let us know how you would us to make you a killer illustration.


Exclusively for you!


3. Erotic Newsletters

Erotic Newsletter Collage 1.jpg

Have you seen our sexy illustrated artwork?


It's exquisite!

Just head over to our art gallery and see for yourself.


But that's just the tip of the ice berg!

For each of the art piece you see in our gallery, or over at instagram, there is a special erotic version we make for our discrete VIP members?

Would you like to join them?

If your answer's yes, the smash that left button below and join the rest of the VIP followers on Patreon.


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