Coloring Books

by Khalila Black

I love drawing!

Art is my calm at the end of a raging storm, and I want to share that with you. I make amazing coloring books that can help you lose yourself for hours a day. So, grab those coloring pencils and fix yourself cup of tea.

'Cause it's book coloring time, baby!

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My Books

Snack Time. A kawaii Doole Coloring Book for Everyone.

Out Now!

Food and Snack Coloring Books Have Never Looked This Adorable.

LOW size cover.JPG

Out Now!

Unique cute animals at a lovely Christmas night.

Perfect gift for someone you love

Book cover for a spooky and cute kawaii coloring book for halloween by Khalila Black

Out Now!

Who said monster can't be adorable?

If you're a Halloween lover, this book is for you.

Book Cover of 'Irresistibly Cute Kittens Coloring Book' by Khalila Black

Pre-order from:

January 24th 2021

After seeing this book, you will be a cat lover!

My Blog

Did you color my books?

Send me your coloring pages or fanart & I will post them here and social media

Let's share some color to the world ;)

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