Hash Black

None shall survive here, save for the brave at heart!


Grab a decaying skull and sit as you rest your back against the dark vines over the putrid wall of doomed souls. Close the door and keep your candles lit before attempting to venture into any of my chill provoking works of literary fiction.

This is a world where decaying hounds stalk your trail in the dark of the haunted woods... A world where hollow-eyed demons stand watch over your oblivious presence as you drift off into the abyss of eternal slumber... A world where the stench of death lies waiting in every unknown twist and turn of the dark crevices in your desolate back alley.

But... are you brave enough?

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My Books

mirror 1.2.jpg

Mirror Mirror... On the Wall

Release Date: 31st August 2020

Something lurks inside baby Lily's the mirror.

Watching as her mother tucks her in at night.

Its hollow gaze follow as her mother leaves her side.

Vile... Hateful... Vengeful...


Waiting for the perfect moment.

Waiting for the lights to go out.

Waiting for her to go to sleep.

And tonight, it will have its revenge!

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