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Deep Dark Waters
A Tragic Tale of the Sea

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A shivering demise in the ocean's haunting depths was the last thing McKane had ever expected on that lonely, starry night. The waves struck softly against the ship's hull. Its rhythmic swish and swash mollified the troubles in his mind as he struggled to keep his eyes open.


Once more, McKane shook the sleep from his eyes. He took another warming swig of rum and raised the cold, metalic telescope to his eye. His magnified gaze scanned the calm, inky waters. Rocky protrusions and rogue ice bergs are a sailor's worst nightmare in these icy cold waters. Pirates weren't much of a problem, though. No sailor in his right mind would be dumb enough to chart these unforgiving seas. No sailor but the daft ol' Captain McKane.


But what McKane lacked in wit, he made up for with sheer luck. But little did he know that his luck would surely run dry by the end of that particular night.

McKane sighed, watching his misty breath diffuse into the night. He wiped his brow and stretched his arms. Soon, the slender claws of slumber would grab hold of his tiring mind.

Ophelia… Oh, sweet, lovely Ophelia.

Her face glowed bright in the dark. A dim halo of light highlighted the rim of her silhouette and ignited the crimson in her hair. And her smile… her smile was the shining light at the end of his daunting tunnel.

Ophelia… Oh, sweet, lovely Ophelia.

He reached his hand and caressed her cheek. Her skin felt warm and soft in his calloused hand. His heart melted as he watched her face turn rosy. His lips curled softly as the sweet melody of her giggles filled his ears. McKane stepped in closer and ran his finger underneath her chin, eager to plant a kiss against her velvet lips. He closed his eyes and leaned in closer, only for thin air to glaze his face.

McKane opened his eyes. The love of his life was running away from him. Her giggles grew louder the further she got, and her figure grew blurry as she disappeared into the halo of light in the distance.

McKane tried to run after her, but an army of dark, decaying hands grabbed hold of his legs from below. He tried to call out for her, but the skin on his lips had melted into each other. So he rose his arm for his love in desperation. Soon, the light disappeared, leaving him to bask in the dark. His body sank deeper into the abyss, accompanied by the searching hands that rose higher over his body.

McKane wiggled and thrashed. But it was no use. Unable to scream. Unable to run. Unable to hide.

Is this it? It this how it all ends?

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