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The Founders

Empire Fiction was founded by Hash Black and Khalila Black. We both run this website and related social media platforms to provide you with top-notch blogs for your entertainment and enjoyment. In essence, we want to make your reading experience as smooth as possible!

While Khalila takes excellent control over all the graphics and design work, Hash develops the written content. In fact, Hash Black is the resident author for all the content on this website. Additionally, Hash Black is will soon publish his latest book, Mirror, Mirror... On The Wall.

Interestingly enough, he both Khalila and Hash have an educational background in Marine Biology. They met during their Masters's study in Belgium and fell in love. They've been making amazing content since!


From Khalila and Hash, we'd like to wish all an excellent experience here on this Website, and all the magical happiness that life and fiction can bring!

Hash Black - Author

Hash Black is a writer with a flair for thriller fiction writing. Ironically, his educational background is rooted in marine biology and has an innate love for coral reefs. However, he has always enjoyed writing his heart out as he grew up. R. L. Stine was a major influence during those days, with Goosebumps and Fearstreet series getting lots of traction among his peers. ​Finally, at the age of 30, Hash gave in to his passion. A passion for writing. 


Enjoy the fruits of his efforts here and support his journey along this winding journey of writership.

Khalila Black - Designer

Khalila grew up watching Manga from a very young age. Drawing inspiration from that, she would make an art journal, depicting her daily experiences. Back then, she would even use acrylic paint on canvases, drawing serene landscapes from real life and imagination. Our dedicated artist would even participate in competitions, where she won handsomely in multiple occasions.


As Khalila got older, she became more and more fascinated by the fashion world and using her art skills to design her own fancy outfits. Eventually, she found herself pursuing a career in marine biology. And, even there, she would still put her art skills to use in depicting morphology of organisms such as fish and invertebrates.

But it wasn't until she met Hash when she was introduced to a whole new world erotica. She was appalled at first, but the closer she got to Hash, the more she understood it. And would take it up as one of the many art talents that she possesses.

Samuel Silver - Author

Samuel Silver is a self-published author of erotica from the Empire Fiction publishing platform. From a very young age, Samuel has been very intrigued by the sensuality of the female figure. Everything about it sparked profound interest in him. So much so that he took up erotic art at a very young age.

Apart from his interest in the female form, Samuel has also been quite the story teller in his younger years. But it wasn't until he read his first erotica that his journey in the seductive world of erotic writing began. This nifty skill combined perfectly with his love for the erotic world. So, enjoy his epic book escapades and make sure you get his latest releases.

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