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Hash Black's Updates

A Thriller in the Works

mirror 1.2.jpg

Mirror Mirror... On The Wall

Currently on Review

Release Date: 31st August 2020

Something lurks inside baby Lily's mirror.

Watching as her mother tucks her in at night.

Its hollow gaze follow as her mother leaves her side.

Vile... Hateful... Vengeful...


Waiting for the perfect moment.

Waiting for the lights to go out.

Waiting for her to go to sleep.

And tonight, it will have its revenge!

Samuel Silver's Updates

An Erotica Itching for Release

Naked Series: Desires (Book 2)

Naked Desires.jpg

Currently on Review

Release Date: 31st August 2020

Unrequited lust. Relentless jealousy.

And an unwinding road to bisexual revelations.

Alisha's only desire is to writhe with passion over her husband's tight body. She yearns for his. Lusts for kiss. Itches for his penetrating embrace.

But something... Someone... Is always getting in her way. Always adorned in tight skimpy attire. Constantly present to interrupt her intimacies. And forever wedged between her and husband.

Stephanie is her arch nemesis.

However, an internal struggle is brewing inside Alisha. What starts as an innocent massage session transcends into a decadent admiration for her masseuse.

Alisha must save her marriage before she loses her husband forever. But what about her ravenous desire for the female form?  

Khalila Black's Updates

Sexy Erotic Art Books in the Making

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Cover Coloring Book.jpg
Cover Picture Book

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