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Hash Black's Updates

A Thriller in the Works

mirror 1.2.jpg

Mirror Mirror... On The Wall

Release Date: 30th September 2020

A search for solace. A vile thirst for revenge.

And a riveting struggle for Lily’s survival.

Jared Carson is gone, leaving a ravaged home behind for her wife Beth and baby daughter Lily.

With her guardian angel gone, Lily’s horrid fears fester. The unseen monsters beneath her bed grow malevolent and stronger.

It’s up to Beth to fill her husband’s shoes. She hugs Lily tight in her arms with teary eyes and makes a vow,

“You will never be alone, baby. Mommy will always be here to protect you.”


The forces of evil watch quietly in the shroud of darkness. They thirst for anguish. They thirst for blood. They thirst for REVENGE!

And Lily is their prime target.

Can Beth really keep her daughter safe?

Samuel Silver's Updates

My Upcoming Erotica Freebie

Late Night Temptations.png


Hello, avid erotica reader!

How about a free collection of short stories that you can read on the fly?

Well, have no fear, for Samuel Silver is... well... here. 

I'm eight stories deep into a short erotica collection, and I want to share it with you for free! I will publish it once I have ten solid stories, but even then, I'll leave it as a permafree book.

But, sadly, I'm a huge procrastinator, and with two more books on the way for the Naked Series, I'm not so so sure when I'll be able to publish this short story bad boy.

Therefore, I've decided to share the beta with you guys as I write it at snail pace. So, hit the download button below and get cracking with it. Feel free to get in touch here if you got anything cool to share, and I'll be sure to have it in the next story.


Khalila Black's Updates

A Snack of a Book in the Works

Snack Time

Release Date: 3oth September 2020

How about a mouth-watering treat at the end of a grueling day?

Snack Time is a collection of fun, relaxing, and engaging art pieces for your coloring experience. From ice cream, to pop sickles, to burgers, to burritos, we got them all for you here.


So, fix yourself a hot cup of tea, grab your coloring kit, and lose yourself in this tasty treat of a heavenly gift.

Tap that button below for a free teaser.

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